Sunday, August 24, 2008

Things I Ate in France

1) Chicken Paupillette (Chicken stuffed with sausage meat and cooked in a buttery sauce)
2) Rabbit in Mustard Sauce
3) Sausages
4) Steak Au Poivre
5) Steak Tartar (yes, raw meat)
6) Pig Snout (taste=fine, texture=rubbery and icky)
7) Andouilette (see also: tripe. NEVER again)
8) Salmon
9) Tart Tatin (ridiculously great)
10) Chocolate Cake

Copious amounts of red wine (homemade), hard cider (homemade), and Pimms and lemonade (a British thing that we brought over for the party).

Friday, August 15, 2008


I'm pretty wiped out from my trip, but here are a couple of photos to tide you over until I can write a proper update:

The first thing we did once Marilou and Big Chicken (Laurent) picked me up from the airport was get a baguette.

We rented Velib bicycles and rode all over Paris both during the day and at night. Marilou knows the city pretty well, so I had my own personal bike tour guide. At 11pm on Wednesday, we took a trip to the Louvre.

These are tiles in the Metro Station (stop: Convention)

And this is a bag that one of Marilou's friends gave her as a gift. It had a candle in it, but apparently, Princesse Tam-Tam is a well-known Parisian lingerie boutique.

More photos and captions to follow...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Parlais Vous Francais?

I'm going to France tomorrow.

You're not.