Sunday, June 22, 2008

Livin' on the Edge

Yesterday, I tweaked my lower back. How? I have no freakin' idea. Actually, I do have an idea. I was picking up a piece of paper from my bedroom floor. I know. I was really over-exerting myself there. I heard picking up paper is going to be the next big extreme sport.

Generally, if my lower back is bugging me, I can do a quick little twist, and everything goes right back into place. This is different. This is not just stiffness or soreness. This is stabbing pain. Luckily, it stays in one specific area and doesn't shoot down into my legs. No sciatica for me, thanks.

Things were a little better today, but just in case it gets worse for some reason, I bought some paracetemol (aka tylenol) with codeine. Yup. Over the counter c-o-d-e-i-n-e!

I'd really rather wake up feeling like a million bucks without the assistance of drugs, but if I must, I'm going to take a slightly-hunched walk on the wild side.
Just try to stop me, people.
Just try to stop me!

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karen said...

send drugs