Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Computer's Last Will and Testament

Well, it's official. My computer's hard drive is about to go down the shitter. The Apple Genius confirmed my suspicions today, and I am less than thrilled with the news. My computer is terminally ill, and so now I am making the necessary arrangements. This sucks.

But, I do have to admit, I am lucky for a number of reasons:

1) I had a suspicion that this was about to happen. The computer started doing strange things a few months ago, so I ordered a back up external hard drive from Circuit City (I had a gift card that I hadn't used since last Christmas. Thanks, Nene!) and had it shipped to Kirstyn's house in Ohio. She brought it to me when she came to visit a few weeks ago. Now I am now able to back up most of my files before doomsday, and I only paid about $12 when all was said and done.

2) My computer could have just crapped out before I got to back anything up. This would have been a nightmare as far as my MA is concerned. Yes, I have plenty of evidence to document my journey in places other than my hard drive, but still...it's nice to have a little forewarning so that I can make sure I have the essentials before THE END.

3) Carrie and Darin convinced me to purchase Apple Care when I first bought the computer nearly 3 years ago, and thank goodness they did. My Apple Care is valid until November 8th. Yup, it's almost expired, but not quite yet. This means that Apple will replace my hard drive for free (and fix my crappy internal speakers while they are at it), and I won't have to buy a whole new hard drive. If this had happened 4 weeks in the future, I would have had to have shelled out a bunch of money that I don't have. In other words, my computer has picked a relatively convenient time to shit the bed. Okay, maybe not convenient, but you get my point. Silver linings and all that jazz.

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