Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pics of the Recession

I just saw this on the Huffington Post. People were asked to take pictures of the recession. Not surprisingly, there were no pictures that cast the recession in a more hopeful light. Granted, the state of the economy sucks. But at the same time, there are so many opportunities to change things, and nobody seems to be documenting those opportunities. So, I decided to hunt around the interwebs for some pictures/videos. This is what I found:

Urban Rainwater Collection
© 2009 Michael Casey

©2009 PinkSherbetPhotograhy

Alternative Transportation (Critical Mass in Atlanta):

Solar Power (GA Power is testing this on their HQ roof!)

Star Island's New Aurora Wind Turbine

Star Island's new Aurora wind turbine
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Brian W

I am certain that if the economy hadn't tanked, people (and companies like GA Power) wouldn't be making these changes right now.  Yes, the environment and "green" technologies are all the rage, but if it weren't for the fact that oil and gas are depleting our wallets as quickly as they are, we (Americans) wouldn't be responding to the environmental call.  Star Island is an exception to this statement.  However, even for an organization as environmentally conscious as the Star Island Corp, their building code problems and subsequent financial issues pushed them to make changes more quickly than they would have otherwise.  Before the financial crisis, any Star Island initiative would have gotten tangled up in committees and sub-committees and taken years to implement.

Forced innovation (and I'm not talking about the massive Shock Doctrine-ish Neo-Liberal kind) can be a good thing.

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