Saturday, February 16, 2008

Alchemy and Flooding

This past Monday, we had a presentation on Alchemy. After reading a bunch of Jung, who was big into alchemy and gnostics, and other metaphysical texts, my group and I put together a little performance that focused on the process of transformation. Considering that we only had about a week to research and a week to develop a presentation, it went relatively well. Now we have to propose a topic for our final brief which the class will vote on and work on through the Easter Break.

Our current brief involves helping to develop a plan for a dance company that one of our tutors founded. The Arts Council of England cut their funding, and they're not sure what to do. We've been broken up into new groups and put in charge of different areas. I'm on the PR team, which is nice since I've done some PR-type stuff before. In a way, this ties in with our previous project, but I guess everything can be tied into Alchemy if you think about it long enough.

Yesterday, we tried to meet up at school, but it was closed due to flooding. Apparently, this happened to another school building yesterday, and it was determined that is was caused by frozen pipes that burst. The other building was re-opened the next day, so I imagine that will be the case for our building as well.

After we found an alternative location, I went back home to eat, and headed off to my housemate Gavin's gallery for an art opening. It was cool. I'll place a link to his site and the artist's work here soon.

Then, I was off to 93 Feet East, a club on Brick Lane, for Anne's birthday. Claire, my other housemate, stopped by after she got off of work, and a bunch of my schoolmates showed up as well. We had a great time, although the boots I was wearing gave me some wicked blisters, so I'm hobbling around today. Ah, the price you pay to cut a rug and look good while doing it...

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Goonz said...

How was the birthday bash? And was do your so-hot-they-blister boots look like?

For the Loony-Tune birfday, we went out for flourless chocolate cake (with dinner and drinks) and then to the hipster bar in our 'hood, where I set my climber buddy Shawn up with the so-cute waitress who served me the chocolate cake. Scrumptiousness :)