Monday, January 14, 2008

First Presentation: The Pub and Pie House

We had our first presentation today, and I have to say...I think it went over quite well. As I mentioned earlier, my group was taken to a pub/pie house. We set up the chairs in small groups of semi-circles to make it feel more like they were sitting in a pub. Our presentation started out with Polly telling everyone a bit of history along with some photos that we took. We were sure to include little jokes (such as: "Mark to us to a very special place: a brothel...actually, let me rephrase that...he took us to a former brothel) throughout the history part.

Then we talked about the pub itself. While Richard was talking about the pub, I played background/ambient sounds that we recorded while we were in the pub, and the others passed out small glasses of bitter to everyone in the class to taste. All the while, we showed more pictures.

Then we got to the pie house part. Julea was the narator for this bit. We had everyone close their eyes and Julea took them on a journey up the stair to the pie room. While people's eyes were closed, Polly, Richard, and Subi (who was the interviewing queen) went to each group with a pie and let everyone smell them. When they opened their eyes, we had the video playing that we recorded when we were in the pie room. Once I figure out how to upload it I will. In the meantime, here's a picture of the pie.

Then we put a few reviews up on the screen, and I gave a somewhat off the cuff conclusion, where I explained that our target audience was Mark (our tutor) and his demographic: people who work in the creative industry somewhat near the pub, who come after work, but who have never set foot upstairs into the pie room. Our goal was to make people choose whether or not they wanted to venture off and find something new about a place that they had a preconceived notion about. We didn't want to change anyone's opinion, but deepen the existing perception of the average person who goes to the Newman Arms.
For our next assignment, we have to present one of the places that one of the other groups went to, so it's a combination critique/presentation. The group we have to swap information with went to the Imperial War Museum, and their presentation was very well done. It will be interesting to see how my group goes about presenting the Imperial War Museum, and how they go about presenting the Newman Arms. I'll keep you updated...

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