Thursday, January 10, 2008


The acronym for my program is MADS. I don't think it could be more fitting.

The last time I wrote, I had my first class. In this class, we were split into small groups and assigned a tutor/instructor who had to take us to his favorite place in London. While there, we were given a brief with questions we had to think about and the target of our project. Here's the brief:

"Working in the group to which you have been assigned, you will visit the locations chosen by your project tutor and will define the sensory qualities, the myth, and the most affective strategy for communicating these values. You will be working towards a re-presentation of your destination that is targeted towards changing the perception of its value by a particular type of visitor. So you will make the decision on the target demographic, the myth, the sensory quality, and the most effective mode of presentation."

Vague enough for you? That's the point.

The place where we went was a pub called the Newman Arms. That's right. My first assignment requires me to visit a pub/pie house multiple times. Only in the UK! This was the sign on the women's room door:

(I'm not sure why it won't rotate, so just turn your head.)

Oh, and my group for this project seems to be great. We have a man from Taiwan whose background is in business, a woman from India whose degree is in fashion design, a woman from England whose degree is also in fashion design, and another American Woman (I think there are only 3 Americans in the class of about 30, and I'm the only one from the East Coast) whose degree design. Maybe they'll make me some clothes.

Yesterday, we met up again, this time with the part-time students as well. We had a lecture, and then, once again, we were split into small groups that included both full and part time folks. In this group, we have the same English Woman from my other group, a guy from England who's a menswear designer, a woman from Spain who's a Chemical Engineer for a makeup company, an Egyptian woman who's worked in TV, and another British woman who's degree is in Architectural Studies.

This group is posed with a question that we have to research in the outside world and then present to our classmates. My group's question is: To compromise or not to compromise? If anyone has any thoughts, feelings or experiences they'd like to share about this, feel free to reply to me or to this blog. It's part of my research.

I'm off to the pub again this afternoon with my first group. This time, we are going to the pie house upstairs. We had to call and book ahead because the book days in advance.

In other non-school related news, I went to open a bank account yesterday. I will pick up my bank card next Friday, and the other stuff will be mailed to where I'm staying now. I also have another flat to look at this evening. Let's hope I get there before someone else snatches it up. Flats go fast here. A few days ago, I walked out of Anne's flat to check one out, walked ten feet, and got a text saying that the room had been taken 2 minutes before. That's pretty typical here. It's almost a first-come, first-served kind of thing sometimes.

OK. I need to get back to working my brain.

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