Friday, January 4, 2008


I ventured back to Oxford street and got a mobile today. I considered getting my US phone unlocked and then purchasing a Pay As You Go SIM card from T-mobile, but I decided that it would be just as easy, to get a PAYG phone and SIM cards from Orange. So I did. The first Orange store I went to was out of stock of the phone I wanted, but they told me to walk about 2 minute down the street to their other store. Luckily for me, there was one left at this store. I got the last one. Score! I now have two different numbers: one for UK callers, and one for International callers. I just have to switch out the sim cards to call the States. This newfangled technology is good stuff.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Norrie, a friend of mine from Davidson. She works at Amazon UK and used to work with Cintra (another Davidson friend) at Amazon in Seattle. I'm interested to find out if she knows Steve and Joe (from my old kick-ass pub trivia team who also worked with CP out in Seattle), too.

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Terry said...

Ya know I was going to ask you to do a blog but I thought it would be creepy to ask someone to start a
Glad to hear you are settling in, I hope the start of your classes goes well!
Take Care,